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item: 653532-100 release date: June 7thAlways uphold the simple route Adidas Originals Campus 80s recently demonstrated its wild side, Adidas Originals to create a "Animalistic" for the series. After a Adidas Campus 80s Animalistic exposure, the designer and the wild animal fur design inspiration, with wine red color as the main building, materials used and horsehair suede unique, creating an excellent texture for shoes. The big white bottom, it Cheap air jordans for sale is reported that the series has been part of the online store to buy, priced at 139 euros, love friends may pay more attention. 20141013105305_83496.jpg (66.14 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals Campus 80s Animalistic 2014-10-13 11:47 upload Adidas 00 25 PM, general manager, Zhejiang Fengying Clothing Co., China Russian Entrepreneurs Association honorary president Jin Bi South e told reporters on the phone: "these two cheap jordans for sale mens days nearly 1000 Wujiang business coming back to Jinhua, there are about half of people in Russia Ross to wait. Last November, Russia issued a "deportation order" began to clean up foreign retailers, Russian businessmen in the situation is not good, we are very concerned about the situation in the local." This winter is a rare warm winter in Russia, but the sudden expulsion of Russian officials, so that the Russian Chinese businessmen feel some p cheap jordans online ressure. according to Xinhua News Agency reported that Russia will from April this year against foreigners engaged in retail, and the closure of the country's 115 large open-air market, which makes many businessmen suffered heavy losses China be caught off guard. Many Chinese businessmen just want to keep their costs first and are eager to sell their stocks. The sources say that more than half of the Chinese businessmen are expected to retu Cheap air jordan 12 ovo rn home in the far east. according to incomplete statistics, only in the Russian business Wu business enterprises have more than 2000 people, most of them in Pujiang. An enterprise of Pujiang established the architectural decoration company in the Russian city of Omsk registered, and contracted with a local large-scale high-end entertainment city interior decoration design and construction engineering business, worth about 9 million yuan, a Retro jordans for sale lso in the Russian city of Novosibirsk founded an investment of more than 10 million yuan of wood processing factory. opened in May 2004 in Omsk Chinese dragon wholesale market founded by Russian businessmen, to operate knitted garments, shoes, bedding, daily necessities, lamps, electrical appliances wholesale, there are five hundred or six hundred containers of transactions every day, many shops in Wujiang order China dragon wholesale mark cheap foamposites et, Pujiang has a Zheng Gentu "eat" the market two more than 200 stalls operating right. "in the Russian business Wu mainly engaged in locks, quilting, crystal, knitwear, clothing and other products wholesale and retail business, the effect will be much of the new policy." Xu Guozheng, deputy director of the Pujiang foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, said that after the introduction of the new policy against immigrants, the ille cheap jordan shoes for men gal immigrants would be repatriated and no longer allowed to enter the territory of russia. And Jinhua businessmen basically have legitimate immigration and residence procedures, although affected by the policy, but will not be a large number of returning home phenomenon. Wu and some illegal migrant workers, mostly with economic strength, a lot of people in China have their own factories, and engaged in a legitimate business. Such as Fung win Clo Retro jordans for sale thing Co., Ltd. flagship product tablecloths, children's tights have registered trademarks in Moscow, the annual sales of about 3000000 pieces. influenced by the new policy, some Chinese businessmen began to depreciateJordan Clarkson - Air Kell Lori - adidas Boost 2015 CrazyLight[Chinese shoes Network - shoe stock market] should be said that the initial 2132 rose 200 points, oversold bounce means thicker. Alt Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping hough the delay time drop quasi landing, but this is expected to have continued to exist, particularly around the Spring Festival, plus the need to amend the previous market plunge, so the wave of oversold rally emerged. When the rally to get rid of the shackles of curse rebounded 200 points, long and short differences began to intensify, then stock prices began to slow the pace, especially blue chips began to mark time, but based on a valid whee cheap jordans for sale led hot market, the stock is also two back up the trend in the focus constantly on the move. In fact, the market generally agree that suppress the stock rebound macroeconomic fundamentals, it is not really that bad. In terms of economic operation, although the economic downward trend has not changed, but rebounded for two consecutive months the chain data, much still reflects a certain degree of resistance within the economic nature. And the policy level, the second RRR been implemented, the cumulative effect of policy easing are gradually emerging, I believe until the third RRR floor, monetary easing will be able to play a certain degree of economic downturn uplift forces. Currently, the third drop quasi not unexpected. From the financial side view of the case, after the publication of the second RRR, the funds rate did not show significant downside, funds face tense situation has not materially ease. If you wait until the 24th reserve a refund after the time window has not yet appeared funds rate dropped significantly, and the magnitude of the inflation rate in February and more impressive, does not preclude the central bank to further cut the deposit reserve ratio possible. Of course, even if further easing of monetary policy failed to appear in a short time, as long as the hot market can sustain the current level of activity, we believe that the next market focus will continue to move step by step. Need to be reminded that, if the short-term external market dropped sharply, and led the A shares appear more substantial correction, adjusting it will provide a good opportunity to approach the. After all, the warm boiled frog-style arch, may be more conducive "Nike style" rally continuity. 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